World Tiger Day and TWO BROTHERS

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World Tiger Day just went by and the efforts that have been made the world over to provide longevity of existence to this king of jungle is being remembered with fondness, more so through the social networking websites. Obviously, the efforts towards conservation for Tigers would not have caught the imagination of the general public where it not the fact that the medium of cinema has been used quite effectively to convey the situation of crisis as far as the position of tiger on the planet is concerned. Scores of documentaries and films have been shot that have tried to underline the importance of tiger in the whole eco system.

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The world of Hindi cinema, however, has not woven the narrative involving conservation efforts for tiger as a content to underline the importance of tiger in the eco-system, what it has however done is that it has near about done away with scenes involving fights with tigers, and if it is done, as it was in HIMMATWALA remake, it comes with a caveat that the scene has been shot under supervision. Is it a cause for despair then? If one were to view the efforts being made by cinematic fraternity all around the world it indeed can be construed as a cause of concern! But then, there is a Mike Pandey, who single handedly is doing yeomen service towards conservation of these kings of jungles through his documentaries.

On this monumental occasion of World Tiger Day it indeed is a wonderful opportunity to bring into relief a movie called TWO BROTHERS, which is an out and out tiger movie. Made by French filmmaker Jean Jacques Anaud, it could be perhaps the first film where tigers have been given precedence over human beings in the credit of the film. For fans of cinema like us who have grown on staple diet of lost and found films, it would be heartening to note that TWO BROTHERS is also a saga of tiger brothers separated at birth by the hunters, coming together against each other in adulthood to fight it out, and recognizing that they indeed are brothers, then running away together to the jungle. Yes, there is a mother as well, who still is waiting for her two cubs, KARAN ARJUN so to say to come back to her. If Man Mohan Desai had been alive today, he would have chuckled with sheer joy to see that his lost and found formula could be applied in such a seamless manner with tigers as well.

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It indeed is sheer joy to see the deft camera work through the evolution of cubs to a tiger and how they adapt to surrounding. Heart wrenching is the where one of the brothers who works in circus, goes back again to his prison after meeting his brother in the ring, as he has been indoctrinated in such a manner by the man through coercive methods, that for him when he is out in the open, he has to perform a show and then return back to his caged belonging.

TWO BROTHERS is available as a free download and school administrations all over the country need to download this movie, or buy a DVD to show it to the children. After all, they are the future of tomorrow and if one child gets converted towards the cause of tiger after watching TWO BROTHERS the purpose of the film is served.

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