Would BHAG MILKHA BHAG, SATYAGRAHA and RAMLEELA confront the multiplexes?

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After the advent of the multiplexes and there spread all over the country side, one of the outcomes has been that the duration of the films has been cut short. Before the advent of multiplexes films used to have an average length of 2 and a half hours to 2 hours and 45 minutes, but since the advent of multiplexes, average length of the film hovers between 120-140 minutes.

It is plain economics that perhaps guides the trend. If the duration of the film is small the number of shows that the multiplexes can run increases and it also enhances the bottom line as far as collection from the box office is concerned. However, three films starting from BHAAG MILKHA BHAAG, SATYAGRAHA and RAM LEELA are going to challenge the business model of the multiplexes. All these three films have duration of near about 180 minutes, which would mean that the number of shows that could be arranged in a multiplex would be reduced by minimum of two shows. For the multiplex owners this could be a big jolt in revenue making, as to recoup the investments, they would have to increase the number of days for exhibiting the film.

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The multiplex owner does not make much money from the sale across the ticket counter, rather it makes more money by selling pop corns, which obviously are priced much higher than the ticket of the film. If the number of shows of the films of the likes of BHAAG MILKHA BHAAG, SATYAGRAHA and RAMLEELA are reduced, and these are the films which are being awaited with great anticipation, for the multiplex owners it could be a proposition not to their liking, as the sales of pop corns would cut down and so would the other products being sold.

As these three films have a gripping subject, each dabbling in a different genre, the audience would not walk out of the screening in that large numbers which they otherwise do during the course of a normal film. But should the multiplex owners despair? May be not! Now they have created an elaborate network of ushers inside the auditoriums who could continue to be on their toes to take orders and serve the snacks to the fans on their seats only. For the multiplex owners, what is required to reorient their strategy to ensure that their collections do not dwindle?

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