Would love to go on long drive with wife Anushka Sharma: Virat Kohli

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Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli has said he would like to go on a long drive with his actress wife Anushka Sharma when they get the time.

"We haven't been able to go on long drives as times have been hectic. Whenever you get time, you go for a holiday mostly, so, may be, when I spend more time in the city and at home, I will find places to go for long drives. I think highway is a good place to go on for a long drive," said VIrat.

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Asked who he would love to take on a long drive, Virat's reply was instant. "My wife for sure. Isn't that obvious?" he quipped, talking about his better half, actress Anushka Sharma.

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Where would he love to go on a long drive?

"You don't really think about where you want to go when you go on a long drive. You just get into the car, find a long stretch which is never ending and just keep going. Whenever you feel like you are done then just take turn back and come back home and usually, it would be at night when there is less traffic. You just have to put on some nice music and great weather would be handy as well so in the future, when I am in the city and at home, we will be going for more drives than we are at the moment," said Virat, interacting with the media at the launch of Audi A6, as brand ambassador of the luxury car brand on Thursday in Mumbai.

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