Yami on choosing projects: 'The script needs to speak to me'

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Mumbai, Sep 7 (IANS) Yami Gautam has a slew of films lined up such as ‘Bhoot Police’, ‘Lost’, ‘Dasvi’ and ‘A Thursday’. The actress says she never wants to let go of the importance of judging a project based on its writing and that she always makes sure to remain true to herself while choosing a project.

Talking about her process before choosing a project, Yami said: “While reading a script, I always make sure to perceive it as a reader as well. If it can keep the audience inside me engaged, I know it will work on the screen.”

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She added: “As an actor, I never want to let go of the importance of judging a project basis its writing because you are as good as your script.”

“I always make sure to remain true to myself while choosing a project.”

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The newly-wed actress says the “script needs to speak” to her.

“Following the first instinct, you get after reading a script always works,” added the actress, who is married to filmmaker Aditya Dhar.

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