You can’t miss AIB’s hilarious video featuring Kangana Ranaut

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A lot has been said and written in the last few weeks by Queen Kangana Ranaut. Like she had said in one of her previous interviews that she will not stop talking about her affair with Hrithik until and unless people have a clarity regarding what actually happened when Hrithik slapped her with legal notices. She also said that she will not refrain from answering any questions directed her way because she wants everyone to know the truth.

Presenting another take on her view of this industry, Kangana featured in AIB’s latest video titled ‘The Bollywood Diva Song’. The song doesn’t take any subtle potshots at certain people from Bollywood in fact it clearly calls out to this male-dominated industry which doesn’t shy away from objectifying women and thinking of them just as an eye-candy.

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Watch the hilarious video below:

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