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Zarine Khan: I am happy to play super-hot glamorous girl in HOUSEFULL 2

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When criticism came her way for being a tad over weight in her debut film VEER, Zarine Khan took this matter to her heart and made sure that she worked towards shedding off all the extra baggage that she had put on herself. Resultantly she got herself into a much fitter and better shape in HOUSEFULL 2 so that there wasn’t room for any more criticism in that direction.

”Criticism did hurt but I did take that all in my stride,” smiles Zarine, ”I understood that to be a leading lady in Bollywood, I have to get into a better shape. So today you would see an all new me in HOUSEFULL 2. I am happy to be playing this super-hot glamorous girl and though I don’t want to blow my own trumpet, I for sure am looking forward to audience reaction. In case my songs like ‘Right Now’ and ‘Do You Know’ have fetched me good response. Now I want to see how audience looks at me in the entire film.”


For Zarine it wasn’t an easy task though to shed weight overnight. Due to her basic body structure, there was continuous effort that she had to put and it was only after weeks of intensive workout that she had managed to convince Sajid Khan and Sajid Nadiadwala that she was the right girl for the part.

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”See, I am basically a big structured girl and was a really fat child. Do you know that in my younger days I used to weigh as much as 100 kilograms? However thanks to Sajid Khan, he proved to be this big whip master,” laughs Zarine, ‘He told me that if I trusted him to re-launch me with HOUSEFULL 2, I had to get into my best shape. I started actively working towards that and am happy with the results.”

We too concur.

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