Zebby Singh releases 18 kg for his role in PAPA BY CHANCE

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Actor Zebby Singh, who plays Yuvaan in television show PAPA BY CHANCE, has lost 18 kg in a months time. For an episode of the Star Bharat show, Yuvaan had to go shirtless. For this, Zebby ensured he gets a toned up body.

Zebby said in a statement: "I always believed in perfection and giving my best to the things I take up. I have been following a strict regime in terms of workout and diet. I went to 80 kg from 98 kg. I feel great about returning back to my older shape."

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The show "PAPA BY CHANCE" centers around Yuvaan, a carefree man, who struggles to cope with the drastic change in his life after he is forced to take care of three orphans whose parents died after being involved in an accident with his car. 

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