Zeeshan Ayyub: 'A Simple Murder' gave me a chance to be someone new

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Mumbai, Nov 19 (IANS) Actor Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub says the upcoming dark comedy web series, A Simple Murder, gave him a chance to explore new emotions, and he enjoyed the process.

“Playing the character of Manish was definitely new and exciting for me. He is someone who is low on self-confidence and constantly striving to find a sense of dignity and respect throughout his journey,” Zeeshan said.

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“This character gave me a chance to be someone new, different from the characters I have played earlier. I had a lot of fun playing him. We are extremely excited to see how this turns out and we are hoping for the best,” he added.

The web series shows how greed becomes instrumental in driving the characters to entangle in a chain of crazy events.

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Talking about the web show, actor Sushant Singh said: “I have always believed in playing characters that add value to the story, break the mold, and enable me to explore a finer nuance in me as an actor. Upon narration, ‘A Simple Murder’ struck a chord with me at one go for its fast-paced script that offered the right mix of character building and humour. The show gave me an opportunity to work with some seasoned actors and I definitely had an enriching experience.”

For director Sachin Pathak, the series “dwells in a space, not much explored on the web and thus is novel in its approach”.

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“I am thankful to my cast, a fine mix of age and experience, for delivering such stupendous performances and making filming look so easy. Shooting amidst lockdown was another riveting experience and I hope the efforts come alive on screen,” he said.

The show will release on SonyLIV on November 20.



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