Zeishan Quadri: I will be directing the third instalment of GANGS OF WASSEYPUR


What kind of role you will be playing in the web series ‘Akki Vikki Te Nikki’?
Basically, the series is all about those people who come to Mumbai in order to fulfill their acting dreams. Their story has been told in a very hilarious way. It’s a comedy web series based on some real incidents. So it would be very interesting when people will start relating to the show. All kinds of people come to Mumbai, so our show tries to tell what exactly is the thought process of these people, what are their dreams. People call them strugglers but we call them warriors.

How did you come on board as one of the actors for this series?
One day I got a call from Sunil Bohra, one of the producers of the series, he asked me to come over his office to meet him for some work. So when I reached his office, also present there was Vipin Sharma (director of ‘Akki Vikki Te Nikki’) then they shared with me the concept of the series and also the script. I read the script and found it very interesting and later I was told that they want me to play Vikki. So that’s how I came on board for this series.

You have written screenplay of films like GANGS OF WASSEYPUR and acted as well as directed a film too. So which one of these three roles was more enjoyable?
It depends see ‘mujhe jo role enjoy karna hota hai woh main uss time pe kar leta hu’ like for example if there’s a film which I am directing, then I enjoy my role of as a director then. Likewise if I am acting in a given project then I try to enjoy that role.


You are working in a web series for the first time so how was the experience? Also if given a chance would you like to direct or write a web series in future?
Of course if I ever come across any interesting concept which I feel that should be made in a web series format so that more people watches it then I will definitely make it. In fact I have written 1-2 web series. Let’s see what happens to them but yeah working in a web series with this kind of team was fun.

As you said that the show is about strugglers and their journey, tell us about your journey so far in this industry.
I never struggled in my life. Even I have slept on roads, fight hunger with Vada pav but I don’t call it a struggle as they were part of my life’s journey. And I totally enjoyed it and I regret nothing. Main aa gaya enjoy karte karte. For a person like me ‘agar paise bahut hai toh bhi koi farak nahi padta aur agar nahi hai toh bhi koi farak nahi padta’. From not knowing anything about cinema to writing 10-11 films and even directing one, to producing shows and owning a digital channel so you see I have learnt a lot and tried many things.

When you came to Mumbai how did you meet Anurag Kashyap and how did GOW happen?
I had the story in my mind since long time. I met Anurag Kashyap in Prithvi theatre and I told him the story. He liked it a lot and then there was no looking back.


When are guys going to come out with the third instalment of this hit franchise? And are you going to direct it?
Of course I will direct it; we are still working on it. I am occupied in few other things right now so very soon I will share with you all more interesting details about this highly anticipated film.

So it’s confirmed that part 3 is coming and you will be directing it?
Yes so far it is. As Anurag sir is busy with his film MUKKEBAAZ and even I have done quite a few gangster films so now I want to make a sweet simple love story. After that we will start working on the third part because it’s a very big film so making it in haste would be doing injustice to it.

What are your views regarding Digital media?
It is a good platform for creative people. Many things which we cannot tell or show in our films can be shown easily on digital platforms. You need a certain budget to make a film but when you are making a web series that budget is cut down. So it is easier to make anything and show anything to people through this platform which is very interesting for creative people. Even many talents get a chance to be recognized through web series take for example actors like Sumit Vyas who are now venturing into films. So it’s a very good medium as well as platform for actors, writers or even directors showcase their talent. And when you talk about viewers then now a day everyone has mobile phones, so while traveling I cannot watch TV or a film but I can watch a ten minute episode right? So you see it’s very convenient that way.


What are your expectations from ‘Akki Vikki Te Nikki’?
All I want is that the audience love as well as appreciate this show as it’s very interesting and everyone has done a great job in it.

If given a chance what would be the one thing that you would like to change in Bollywood?
Fees of writers (laughs). There should be specific percentage of the film budget reserved for the writers.

In Bollywood why is it that we fail to give our writers the importance that they deserve?
I think you should ask this question to the producers they would be the right person to answer it. (smiles).

So post this web series what are you working on?
I will be working on few films from Luv Ranjan’s production house.




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