Zeishan Quadri: Playing blind man was a task

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Zieshan Quadri, known for his writing credits in "GANGS OF WASSEYPUR", is set to play a blind character in a new web series "BANNED", the series marks his debut in the web space as an actor.

"Playing a blind character was something completely new for me. I did not get much time to rehearse for the role and understanding the nuances to portray one was quite challenging. I felt like it was a task to play a blind man's role," he said in a statement.

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"Additionally, this particular role was difficult more so as he is connected to music and plays the harmonium," Quadri added, giving due credit to the series' director for helping him through the entire process.

For Quadri, however, there was also a fun side of portraying a blind character.

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"It depended completely on sound. While I was asked to keep my eyes shut, I was supposed to turn my head into the direction of the sound. So every time someone would say something, I had to turn my ear towards them instead of my face. It brought in the funny aspect to the scene many a time and I hope the audience finds it as amusing as it was for me," he added.

The star cast includes Paresh Pahuja, Sheetal Thakur, Sahil Anand, Deepak Kalra, Vivek Mushran. The series is available on Viu website and the Viu app.

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