10 imperfect choices of perfectionist Aamir Khan

Bollywood perfectionist Aamir Khan is one of the most bankable stars of Indian Cinema. He carries a 100 percent success ratio and has a Midas touch over his projects. Whatever he takes up is super successful and fruitful. Right from his debut film as a lead star QAYAMAT SE QAYAMAT TAK, Aamir has been Box-office King and set newest trends in the industry. Even his lately released film DANGAL has created history in China after swaying at Indian BO. While Aamir is unstoppable, but even he faced a rough patch in his career. If you thought Aamir is born with right choices, then your guess is wrong. Even the perfectionist of Bollywood was once imperfect in his choice of films and churned out tacky films. Here’s the list of 10 such films which we feel Aamir shouldn’t have done it, although the star did his job with utter honesty. 

AATANK HI AATANK:Aamir gave his heart & soul to the film. In fact this was the first film that brought Aamir and Rajinikanth together. If this film would have released today it would have the biggest casting coup of the century- Rajinikanth and Aamir Khan. But back then this pathetic remake of GODFATHER by Dilip Shankar was a disaster. Even the presence of Rajinikanth couldn’t save it.

DEEWANA MUJH SA NAHIN:Although the movie was an average success, the film didn’t charm the viewers. Unlike other Aamir Khan starrers, this film was easily forgettable 

MELA:If there is one film that Aamir Khan should disown, then it should be MELA. This was one of the biggest box-office failures of his career. Even the film seemed out of place for perfectionist Aamir Khan, going by his taste and the kind of work he has done.

LOVE LOVE LOVE: Aamir and Juhi’s chemistry in QSQT was adored to the core and till today it is loved for it. But in their few subsequent films like LOVE LOVE LOVE, Aamir-Juhi couldn’t spell any magic. This was yet another flop of Aamir Khan. 

DAULAT KI JUNG: Though it brought together the hit jodi of Aamir Khan and Juhi Chawla, the film shifted its focus from the lead pair and went on a different track. It was massive flop at BO. 

ISI KA NAAM ZINDAGI: It was a huge flop at Box-office. Except for Pran’s performance everything about this film was tacky. Aamir too somehow got sidelined.

AFSANA PYAR KA: Though the film was presented in a beautiful manner, even the then desirable actress Neelam’s pairing with Aamir looked endearing, the songs were melodious, but the film didn’t go beyond it. 

JAWANI ZINDABAD:This film was below average and it went totally unnoticed. Perhaps many may not be aware of Aamir’s this film.

TUM MERE HO:Despite being directed by father Tahir Hussain, it didn’t do any good to Aamir’s career and it was one run-of-the-mill potboiler 

AWWAL NUMBER: Though Aamir may have done this film out of the respect for late veteran star Dev Anand, it was one disastrous movie for Aamir. In fact it is being said that Aamir in one of the interviews had confessed that it was the only film where he didn’t read the script.

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