10 reasons that make AVENGERS INFINITY WAR, Marvel's biggest and most ambitious movie experience

Marvel comics who had begun publishing comic books in 1939 would not have dreamt that one day they would be able to dictate the cinematic perception with their comics, it has been a long time coming to this exact moment and Marvel did go through a few ups and downs.
After Marvel’s acquisition by Disney in 2009, the studio has been uplifted with a much needed boost and backing which it lacked earlier, since then the studio has been able to focus on making dreamlike projects and marketing them to a global audience.
The AVENGERS INFITY WAR is stepping up to be the most ambitious cinematic project ever seen in the world. A project which has already completed 18 films in three phases INFINITY WAR is shaping up to be the conclusion to the decade long built up that has wowed the audience and bringing up to this moment.
There are certain things that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has done differently, as opposed to other franchises like THE LORD OF THE RINGS, STAR WARS or THE HARRY POTTER SERIES.
The subtle differences that helped propel Marvel ahead of its competitors are established in its core story narrative and being malleable enough to adapt to the ever changing cinematic trends and recognizing how to set the bar for comic book movies.
 - Marvel claim that before IRON MAN came out in 2008, there were no plans to create such a huge franchise, instead they focused on one film at a time, to understand their audience better and give more than what was being asked of them.

- Marvel tried to as much as possible to stay true to the source material i.e. the comics as they could, though there are some alterations to either the look of the character or in the story telling but this was done to accommodate today’s trends as some of the comic books date back to early 1970’s.
Casting has been one of the key elements that has helped Marvel achieve phenomenal success as the casting of Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man, Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange, Chris Hemsworth as Thor and Chris Evans as Captain America exemplify the crucial task of casting and creating the perfect look of the character.

- Time relevancy was one of the most important factors contributing to this emphatic rise, after Marvel had to sell rights of many of its characters to Sony and Fox and the rise of the SPIDERMAN franchise which starred Tobey Maguire in the lead role and based on the performance of that Marvel were quick to realize the potential comic book films could have and they could blanket the comic book industry with their content sort of creating a monopoly.

- The creators of all these films realized that the characters and the stories mean more than just stories to a lot of people worldwide and they not only are consumed as entertainment but some people are engulfed by the stories, the characters it is almost like a religious devotion that some sect of fans live by. The people in charge of these films understand the responsibility of the mammoth task.

- The post credit scenes in every film shows a glimpse of what’s more to come in the series of stories that are being shown and that keeps the audience in anticipation for months, also this proved to be a very key aspect in linking all the diverse films in the storyline as every film’s story ties in with some others and this has helped Marvel achieve unprecedented success with every film breaking blockbuster charts.

- A definite end in the story narrative in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been maybe the salient feature as it helps the creators know when to stop and exactly at what moment instead of just taking the story further without a clear picture in mind.

- With this particular story coming to an end it will be a amazing cinematic finale to the story that we have lived with for a decade, personally I believe that there still are a few aces up Marvel’s sleeve with a few characters kept under the wraps that might come up and steal the show, Marvel have been very secretive with their selection process as well and have been urging the fans to not spoil the film experience for others who haven’t seen, which includes Brie Larson’s take on the superhero Captain Marvel.

- Producer Kevin Feige has said in a recent interview that people need to be careful of what they wish for. The fate of certain superheroes hang in the balance and it is still unknown what’s about to happen to Captain America, Iron Man, Bucky Barnes or even Hawkeye. With so many uncertainties it is without a doubt that we will see a few characters depart the franchise with their time coming up and helping the studio in bringing in new content with newer faces instead of repeating the same old aging characters.

- AVENGERS INFINITY WAR will kick off the phase four of the timeline which has another untitled Avengers movie scheduled to release in 2019, the continuation of SPIDERMAN, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY part 3 and CAPTAIN MARVEL film yet to release, the future seems secure and planned years in advance so even though there might be a departure of your favorite character in the series, you’ll find someone new with a host of heroes and villains still on the prowl after AVENGERS INFITY WAR ends.
With this being a possible farewell to many of our characters and a decade long affair with the stories it will be a bittersweet event with much more to look forward to, one thing is for certain Marvel will continue to make movies which will be beyond expectations and a larger than life experience with an arsenal of stories and comic book characters.