10 reasons why you should not miss BEYOND THE CLOUDS

Oscar nominated and one of the most renowned filmmaker Majid Majidi known for his poetic cinema is set to release his first Indian film BEYOND THE CLOUDS introducing Ishan Khatter and Malavika Mohanan.
His other films include CHILDREN OF HEAVEN, THE COLOR OF PARADISE, BARAN, THE SONG OF SPARROWS, all of which are known for their soul touching story and beauty in narration.
Produced by Zee Studios and Namah Pictures, BEYOND THE CLOUDS has been this year's most talked about and anticipated film for various reasons and those along with many others are reasons why you should not miss this film in the theaters.
Here goes:
1. Made in India: The Oscar nominated Iranian director shot this film in India with an all Indian crew!
2. A story about sibling love: This film launches Bollywood newest stars - Ishaan Khatter and Malavika Mohanan.
3. AR Rahman and Majid Majidi in BEYOND THE CLOUDS: the maestros come together and bring out the magic that they weave together.
4. Moreover, the film brings together the best Indian talent which includes, hindi dialogue writer Vishal Bharadwaj, DOP Anil Mehta, and casting director Honey Trehan
5. The film shows the true essence of the city that never sleeps, the film is shot in a way that shows the highs and lows of the city, the beautiful contrast and how people of all backgrounds can come here and find a place of their own.
6. Not only the city but there is a visual contrast in the narration of the film, you get to see how the siblings lives revolve around each other, how much they mean to each other. The inner struggle and between good and evil, and finally acceptance of the gravity of the situation.
7. The magic of Rahman's music brings out the core of Mumbai in the two most popular tracks of the film's album – ‘Ey Chote Motor Chala’ and ‘Aala Re’
‘Ey Chote Motor Chala’ brings out the funk of the city which lyrically paints a picture which everyone in the city can relate to; the song ‘Aala Re’ is a foot tapping number which brings up the memories of Ganesh Chaturthi.
8. The film has been appreciated over festivals worldwide London, Busan, Dubai, Palm Springs, Istanbul and IFFI in Goa, all have given beaming reviews.
9. The film is an endeavour to show put an Indian story on the global map by virtue of its universal theme centered on hope and relationships that go beyond the bounds of blood.
10. BEYOND THE CLOUDS has already attracted comparison to Majid Majidi’s Oscar nominated film CHILDREN OF HEAVEN, calling it as a grown up version.
The film is scheduled to release on 20th April 2018