11:40 KI LAST METRO turns glamorous for Vivek Oberoi

Joginder Tuteja By Joginder Tuteja | 17 Oct 2011 14:18:18.1330000 IST

While official confirmation has come in that Vivek Oberoi is the central protagonist of GYARAH CHALIS KI LAST METRO, what hasn't been spoken about yet is the look of the film. Apparently between director Sanjay Khanduri and Vivek, it has been finalised that not just would the sequel carry an entirely different mood and look when compared to Abhay Deol's EK CHALIS KI LAST LOCAL, it would also have quite some glitz and glamour attached to the proceedings, something that wasn't the case in 2007 release.


'EK CHALIS... was a gripping thriller but it was more in a dark comedy mode. Also since the film was shot in Mumbai local trains and then got into dingy by-lanes of the city, there was an overall dark mood that had prevailed,' informs a source, 'On the other hand Vivek's sequel would be set differently. Since there is a lot of money riding on him and the film, it would have to be much richer looking. Not just would the glitz of Delhi Metro add on to the film's narrative, even otherwise it would be ensured that it doesn't come across as an overtly dark film.'

This also translates into the fact that while Vivek would be presented as a quintessential hero, even Sanjay would be further working on the shot taking aspects of the film so that it comes across as a striking affair with visuals accentuating the narrative.

On contacted, Sanjay was unwilling to divulge many details and merely said, 'Vivek has been finalized and it's too early to divulge any further details.' The film will be produced by Amit Chandra who had earlier co-produced the slick and stylish KARTHIK CALLING KARTHIK alongside Farhan Akhtar.