13 charismatic hairdos of Karisma Kapoor that you should definitely try!

90s charming actress Karisma Kapoor may not be active on-screen currently, but she is certainly making waves and she in the eyes of style & fashion aficionados.

That she is a fashionista is something we know well, but did you even know that the pretty actress is absolutely brilliant in serving up some funky, classy hairstyles. Going by the different styles that she carries, it looks like Karisma knows how to break the monotony and be creative all the time. As hairdos can make or break your entire look, Karisma gives a meticulous attention to every single hairstyle that she is doing and interestingly, she combines it with elegant assortment of trendy clothes. Her hairdos perfectly compliment her attires.

From funky top knots to low-maintenance buns or messy hairs or intricate braids, Karisma nails it every time she steps out. Her charismatic hairstyles can serve as guide for those girls who are seeking for some good hairdos and want to look way more modish. As we peered in her profile on a photo-sharing site, we stumbled upon some really sophisticated hairstyles and couldn’t resist bringing to your notice.

Here’s taking a close look at Karisma’s 13 cool hairdos that any girl would want to try ASAP!

(All Pic Courtesy:Instagram)
(All Pic Courtesy:Instagram)

Karisma's braided high messy ponytail works it well with the outfit
(With inputs from Pooja Tiwari )

The pretty actress looks incredible combining the pair of braids from both the sides with a half top bun.

Karisma dabbles her hand with thick single cornrow blending it upside down braid and looks like a other-worldly beauty!

The green-eyed beauty well blends a medium height puff with twisted & braided bun

Karisma’s tight wrap-around messy crown braid are positioned close to her hairline, but the intentional messiness with a few fun pieces sticking out here and there give it a free-spirited look. The tongs further add to the style

Karisma makes a classy hairdo by pinning it up with multiple attractive hairpin, thereby making a simple hairstyle also appear polished

The Kapoor lady’s single messy braid is trendy which girls will certainly want to try it once

Karisma’s tryst with a half bun top knot is very innovative and looks elegant too. In fact it is the most effortless and coolest style to adopt

The sassy actress tries a princess style hairdo as she clubs it with her pretty neerus’ design.

Sitting pretty, Karisma Kapoor is seen flaunting her carousel ponytail braid with twists.

When donning a saree what better than a low twisted bun with ‘gajra’ (mogra flowers) adorned over it could work? Karisma indeed sways our heart with this look

This is one of the easiest and funky looking hairstyle which can be attempted with much ease. Karisma has made a sophisticated hairstyle out of simple high ponytail that she has clipped it on with a golden hair clip.

Karisma’s French twist ponytail can be tried out for a casual or family outing. Most girls would opt for it.