17 years later why MOHABBATEIN makes us go LOL!

Shah Rukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan starrer famous film MOHABBATEIN which was released way back in 2000 (Y2K) was overloaded with mohabbat and was loved by all couples, singles and people who wanted to get into relationship.
The film completes 17 years today and till today cherished for its sugar coated and full of romance Shah Rukh’s dialogues that lured all the lovers.
The film also had Uday Chopra, Jimmy Sheirgill, Kim Sharma, Shamita Shetty, Preeti Jhangani, Jugal Hansraj, who had made their debut with a BANG!
As the film turns 17 years, we bring you some elements, moments & trends that became symbolic for MOHABBATEIN..And of course few other points that make us wonder and defy our logics till date:
Plunging necklines & hot pants
Kim Sharma and Shamita Shetty made hot pants and plunging neck lines too COOL and CASUAL! Even the teen widow essayed by Preeti and the localite ‘Preeto’ played by Archana Puran Singh roamed in low neck lines.

Polo necks & sweaters:
Shah Rukh Khan, the music teacher, has his wardrobe laden with polo neck sweaters. And the most amazing thing is throughout the film, besides giving lessons on love & music, he also taught us swag by wrapping the polo neck sweaters lazily around his shoulders which was ‘KOOL’ in an otherwise disciplinary ‘GURUKOOL’

Violin takes over Guitar
The musical instrument guitar that has been symbol for love & lovers for ages got replaced violin, by the romance Badshah Shah Rukh Khan!

Autumn leaves has a special cameo:
Autumn leaves had special role in the film. Perhaps it had more screen space what with switching over to every scene with autumn leaves. In fact autumn leaves (easily and always available in all seasons, despite being autumn leaves) become the prem patra for premis and what was cool was it didn’t require a pigeon to be a postman of loveletters.

Humongous campus but GuruKOOL only had two teachers..!
Music teacher teaches love more than music; while principal teaches three P’s (of course not marketing) ‘Parampara’, ‘Pratishta’ and ‘Prashashan’…of life. I am sure Kotler (who taught 4 Ps of marketing) would be like what the hell…!

Beintihan Mohabaat!
As the film is titled MOHABATTEIN every other dialogue of the film had the word ‘mohabbaat’ in it.. We wonder why such a big GuruKOOL didn’t teach synonyms or make use of theasures! They needed an English professor for sure.. or a dictionary which has love, romance, pyaar as theasures..

SRK’s hallucination for his ladylove
Despite being deceased, Aishwarya, who plays SRK’s ladylove, is everywhere. He dances, sings songs around the trees and everywhere, she gives him lecs on mohabbat and more.. Apart from being an ace violinist and disseminating mohabbat ka gyaan the third biggest quality of our music teacher is that he can hallucinate at any given point.

Aishwarya starts doing boomerang
The ghost and good spirit would always be in high spirits and would dance, sing and swirl as if she is using boomerang app all the time..

Only 3 honhaar students had the courage to violate three P’s of GuruKOOL!
Uday, Jimmy and Jugal study 'Mohabbatein' more than anything else. And interestingly these were the only boys who shook the three P's of GuruKOOL!

Well, we always thought Salman Khan’s PREM RATAN DHAN PAAYO was endless saga of love and songs but now we realize that MOHABBATEIN was epic saga of unending mohabbat back then. It was indeed PREM RATAN DHAN PAAYO of Y2K!

Having said that… Shah Rukh Khan’s epic romance will always stay in our hearts.

(Disclaimer:The views expressed in the above write up are of the author, the website doesn't hold any responsibility.)