17-year-old actress harassed on flight, shares ordeal on social media

A teenage Kashmiri actress recently shared her ordeal on a social media platform where she revealed that she was molested by a middle aged man on her flight from Delhi to Mumbai.

The actress wrote in her post, “The lights were dimmed, so it was even worse. It continued for another 5-10 minutes and then I was sure of it. He kept nudging my shoulder and continued to move his foot up and down my back and neck.”

She further wrote, “So, I was in a flight travelling from Delhi to Mumbai today and right behind me one middle-aged man who made my two-hour journey miserable. I tried to record it on phone to understand it better because the cabin lights were dimmed, I failed to get it. It was all chill till I felt somebody brushing against my back while I was half asleep. I ignored it the first time. Blamed the turbulence for it. Until it woke me up to this pleasant sight of his beautiful foot
rubbing my back and neck.”

She continued, “Guess he couldn’t sit like a civilised human being and placed his foot on my armrest while he’s fully ‘phelaoed’ (spread) his body on his seat. Slow claps for Vistara’s wonderful crew guys.”

According to a report in Indian Express the Mumbai Police Sunday registered a case under Section 354 of the IPC and relevant sections of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act, 2012, and arrested a passenger Vikas Sachdev (39) after verifying his identity.

A senior police officer was quoted saying in the report as, “The accused claimed he had been to a funeral in Delhi. He was very tired and asleep throughout the flight. The act was unintentional and was not done on purpose.”

The Airline is assisting the officials in their investigation as an official statement from them read, “We are deeply concerned and regret the unfortunate experience… We continue to give this case our highest attention and are extending our full support to all relevant authorities for the investigations underway. In addition, we have submitted an initial incident report to the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and have also submitted all necessary details to the Police. Members of our senior management have flown to Mumbai to…assist in the investigation process.”

The 17-year-old actress marked her Bollywood debut with Aamir Khan starrer DANGAL and was last seen SECRET SUPERSTAR.