2.0 Teaser: Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar will give you one HELLUVA experience!

The wait is finally over!!! The keenly anticipated teaser of Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar starrer 2.0 is out now and its one helluva EXPERIENCE that Indian Cinema would have never experienced. The 2.0 teaser is indeed a lifetime experience what with two superstars of Indian Cinema Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar clashing on the screen, director Shankar’s tour de force presentation, the extravagant & grander VFX, mind-blowing CGI, A R Rahman’s edgy music, etc…On the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, the makers gave the sneak-peek of the 3D version of the teaser, a first-of-its-kind, at select screens in India. Even on the digital medium its nothing less than gigantic.

In the teaser we see, Rajinikanth back in his avatar of Chitti: The Robot, who has been launched & created by Vaseegaran also played by Rajinikanth, to fight against the mighty power Dr. Richard which is beyond science and human race, essayed by Akshay Kumar. Though Akshay has played an antagonist earlier in ONCE UPON AY TIME IN MUMBAI DOBAARA, looking at 2.0 teaser it seems to be Akshay Kumar’s first scariest, villainous avatar in literal sense. Though we hardly we get a glimpse of Akshay in the teaser, as we are treated with CGI, splendid VFX & Chitti’s action, but even his blink and miss appearance and his ruthless bone-chilling avatar will give you goosebumps. So without much ado take a look at the teaser of 2.0, the most expensive film and a visual spectacle that will surely sweep you off your feet: