#27yearsofdilhaikemantanahin: Pooja Bhatt, Anupam Kher remember fond memories

Mahesh Bhatt’s DIL HAI KE MANTA NAHIN was a blockbuster of 90s. Who can forget the lovely pair of Aamir Khan-Pooja Bhatt, a loving, doting & friendly father Anupam Kher, a rich girl with dreamy eyes Pooja Bhatt? Of course nobody can forget this beautiful film from Mahesh Bhatt. Though it has completed 27 years, yet the film looks fresh & the diehard romantics are still in awe of this sweet love story. While we still can’t  get over the film, how can the team of DIL HAI KE MANTA NAHIN ever forget it? As DIL HAI KE MANTA NAHIN completed 27 years recently, both Anupam Kher and Pooja Bhatt got nostalgic and shared fond memories about the film. Check out their posts here:

Still seeking! ???? ‘O mere Sapno Ke Saudagar’ a song that defined my fairy tale idea of love... Shot in the forests of Ooty that were drenched with the fragrance of eucalyptus,it was a song rendered beautifully by Anuradha Paudwal. I had a distinct lisp then,traces of which still remain and Anuradhaji called me to her home before she recorded it and made me speak to her at length so she could incorporate my supposed speech setback into the song. Love her for that as she made me feel that it was actually a special attribute and contributed to what and who I was. My idea of an ‘ideal’ with regards to love and the supposed ‘beloved’ has evolved since then but I still am and will remain the last of the hopeful romantics... We ARE love. However many knocks we take,we should never forget that and to give up on it is to succumb to the dreariness and ordinariness of the world. So to all of you who have loved and lost,lost and loved,continue to still believe in the miracle & wonder of love and especially to those who choose outwardly to not believe,I whisper these lyrics of the song directly from my heart to yours- “Yeh Pariyon Ki Basti, Sitaaron Ka Majma Yahan Goonjta Hai Mohabbat Ka Nagma Yahaan Pyaar Ke Hain Diwaane Sabhi Chaahat Hi Sab kuchh Yahaan” #omeresapnokesaudagar #27yearsofdilhaikemantanahin #DHKMN #dilhaikemantanahin #somelovestoriesgetbetterwithtime #classicfilm #90sgem #lovestories #downmemorylane #celebrationtime #wearelove #maheshbhatt #mukeshbhatt #nadeemshravan #anuradhapaudwal #gulshankumar #aamirkhan #anupamkher #anasingh #poojabhatt #ooty #outdoor #filmmaking #filmmakinglife #musicisthefoodoflove #ajourneyintoawomansheart #??

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