Lessons of life thought by BADLA


BADLA – the crime thriller starring the icon for the icons Amitabh Bachchan and Taapsee Pannu is rightly winning accolades from all circles. Sujoy Ghosh's official adaptation of Oriol Paulo’s THE INVISIBLE GUEST is been hailed as a rare whodunit that keeps the audience guessing till the end.

Apart from its credentials as a captivating thriller with topnotch performance, BADLA also teaches the following life lessons.

Stay true to the original
Director Sujoy Ghosh has given important tips on how to stay true to the original and remain triumph while adaptations in BADLA. The director has skillfully kept the soul and the mind alive with some changes in the body ( gender changes in the lead characters  – in the original the lawyer is a female and the accused is a businessman) and masterly used portions from the world’s greatest epic Mahabharata in putting forward his point.

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Mirror to the current hard reality – The truth
Look around yourself, our world occupied by gadgets, sleek wheels and smart phones is prone/controlled/manipulated/influenced by social media madness and over enthusiasms in certain section of media. We are bombarded by news, information, statistics which are not the entire truth. People who hold some power and/or position try to twist the truth for their benefit. There are numerous examples. BADLA brings this harsh reality into our notice by its lead characters.

Content is King that rides on the chariot driven by positive word of mouth
The world of entertainment which is ruled, controlled by promotion madness, heavy marketing, buzz, etc where birth, marriage, divorce, death, everything thing from a sneeze to cancer is out in open, BADLA stayed away from the crazy 24x7 promotion and maintained a low profile. Only later around the release, some interesting camaraderie between Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan on youtube was posted. BADLA has come as a winner with reports of a steady Monday. As per reports the movie has collected around 26.95 crore in 4 days opening with Rs 5.04 crore on Friday, Rs 8.55 crore on Saturday, Rs 9.61 crore on Sunday (in spite of India v/s Australia cricket match) and Rs 3.75 crore on Monday.