4 Reasons Why You Should Watch Hum Chaar

Rajshri Production's film Hum Chaar is getting close to its release date and we can't hold our excitement to watch it. The film revolves around the idea that friends are family, especially in the times we least expect it. Hum Chaar is the story of 4 friends sharing an unbreakable bond between them and how few circumstances create distance between them. The day Friday is getting close and here are the 4 reasons why we feel you should watch Rajshri's film Hum Chaar.

1. Friends Bhi Family Hai
Yes, you heard it right. The movie revolves around the idea of how our Friends are like family in the times when we don't even expect it. Its a movie about the unbreakable bond between friends and the script is truly the king in this movie. There will be many moments in the film which you would relate with yourself and your friends. 

2. Great Music
Rajshri is known to come up with great music for their movies and that is true for the movie Hum Chaar as well. Its track Friends Bhi Family Hain, which is a millennial twist to the popular ABCD song is already very popular among youngsters. Another track Auliya that is sung by Atif Aslam too is hugely popular. 

3. Squad Goals
Hum Chaar is a film about the bonding between 4 friends and how perfectly they define squad goals. This is a film you should watch with your group which you think defines perfect squad goals for you. The film has songs which you can dedicate to your squad.

4. Rajshri Film
 It's The Rajshri FilmHum Chaar is 58th film of Rajshri Productions. The production has been giving us many movies that talk about family values and our rich culture. Just like other Rajshri movie, this is one movie that one can watch with our extended family and our friends.