5 actresses who rock in no-make up airport look

In a world where looks are everything and judging a person by her appearances is done more often than not, we come across a select few who don’t care if they have a face full of makeup indoors or are venturing out without even basic foundation on. Airport spotting is the new age way of knowing casual comfort fashion celebrities are donning for their trips they take. And if pictures were worth a 1000 words, these Bollywood actresses would definitely beat a Thesaurus. Here's a look at actresses who look stunning with a no make up look even for their airport diaries:

Yami Gautam: The Himachal beauty proudly showcases her no makeup look on Instagram and even promotes #nomakeup. She recently started a public challenge where she encouraged her fans to share their no makeup selfies with the hashtags #iwokeuplikethis #iwokeuplikethisforreal.

Taapsee Pannu: The NAAM SHABANA actress who has recently been roped in to be the face of a skin care brand, doesn’t mind not having make up on when she posts quirky videos and pictures. She looks amazing, regardless.

Kriti Sanon: Another fresh face beauty, Kriti likes to keep her makeup as minimalistic as possible. She believes in living a simple life and is deeply admired for her humble nature with ample confidence to don a makeup free face.

Katrina Kaif: Katrina could literally have just woken up and still manage to look breathtaking. She is not afraid to bare her face to her followers as is, because she believes in being oneself thoroughly and doesn’t let moles get in the way of it.

Alia Bhatt: A youth icon in the truest form, Alia Bhatt looks great with or without make up. Take a look at her Instagram account and you’ll know. This young actress rocks the fresh face like no other and encourages her young female fans to do the same.