5 Bollywood songs that taught us beautiful Ganesh aartis & shlokas

Lord Ganesh brings every year tons of joy and happiness as the festival arrives. These 11 days are the days when devotees enjoy and celebrate the festival to the core. Known as the Lord of wisdom, Bappa every year comes to impart his knowledge and shower his essential blessings on us.

Bollywood movies too signifies the importance of the festival with songs dedicated to Ganesha making everyone go crazy over its beats. From 'Deva Ho Deva' to 'Gajanana'. There have been many beautiful and peppy tracks that we sing every year with full zest. The style of music and lyrics has changed over the years through which we praise him but in funky lyrics. Today its quite rare to point out someone who can actually recite the sholaks or aartis like the way one murmurs the lyrics. In a way it seems quiet disrespectful to praise a mightier lord through such tracks. But thankfully our Bollywood has some beautiful tracks which have taught us some beautiful aartis, shlokas and the unknown names of Ganesha through mesmerizing music. Take a look.