5 qualities of Deepika Padukone that truly makes her 'Queen' of Bollywood!

5 qualities of Deepika Padukone that truly makes her 'Queen' of Bollywood! news

Bollywood’s numero uno actress Deepika Padukone turns 30 today. On her birthday we give you the reasons why we believe, the crown of being the ‘Queen’ deserves to be firmly rested on Deepika’s head. Besides being a fine actress, how Deepika is an inspirer, an achiever in truest sense, and a great human being too.

Deepika has always been a go–getter in her life. From being a national badminton champ to being the top Bollywood actress, Dippy does not give up easily. From movie failures to personal life setbacks, she has learnt the art of never giving up and fighting till she achieves her dreams. The feisty Deepika took on a leading tabloid when they posted pictures without her permission; openly spoke to the media about her battle with depression and anxiety. She is also perhaps one of those rare actresses in Bollywood who chooses to openly talk about her relationships and personal life. She was also a part of a woman empowerment campaign where she openly spoke about women rights and feminism. Talk about guts!

Acting Prowess:
From OM SHANTI OM to BAJIRAO MASTANI, Deepika has come a long way. She has starred in offbeat films such as PIKU and FINDING FANNY, where she had to step away from her glam avatar and in turn portray more street smart roles. Not just this but she has played the roles of the rustic ‘Leela’ and ‘Mastani’ on screen with much élan and sophistication. Her role of Tara in TAMASHA saw her juggle her personal and professional life. She seemed every bit royal and her roles made it look as if the characters had just walked out of books.

Deepika might have initially faced flak from her contemporaries over her dressing and fashion sense, but who can say the same about her now? The Queen Bee of Bollywood who was a runway model before her acting debut, has a line of designers thronged outside her house. She dressed as a rustic ‘Leela’ and then as a ‘street smart’ architect ‘PIKU’. One look at her social media page and it can make anyone go wow!! She has posted snaps of her being dressed in a simple t-shirt and jeans or a complete traditional ensemble to sarees. She can flaunt any piece of clothing with that rare grace and class.

Best daughter and a great friend:
Even after scaling heights as an actress, Dippy remains firmly rooted. She is one classy lady who has her head placed well above her shoulders. She remains close to her parents and admits to being a complete family girl. She has been featured in an advertisement along with her parents. Dippy also admitted on several occasions while several celebs go out on elaborate foreign vacations, she uses holidays as means to spend time with her family. She is known to be a good friend and has maintained cordial relations with even her ex boyfriends. While Ranbir Kapoor and she choose to work together, Sid Mallya also an ex of hers wished her on her birthday today on micro-blogging page.

Cordial with other actresses:
Deepika is known to be good friends with Priyanka Chopra and Anushka Sharma, her contemporaries in the industry, especially where it is said that two actresses can never be friends. In spite of leading actresses speaking against her and saying ‘bitchy’ things about her in media, she maintains a dignified silence and does not get involved in mud-slinging.