6 banging soundtracks from MISSION IMPOSSIBLE series

Everyone is eagerly waiting for Tom Cruise’s upcoming film MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: FALLOUT, the sixth installment from the highly successful MI franchise. As the trailer of this adrenaline pumping film was unveiled today here we bring you 6 banging soundtracks from MISSION IMPOSSIBLE series.


Have a look:


Did you know, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE uses Lalo Schifrin’s original Theme song from Mission Impossible television show?

The trailer of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 6: FALLOUT was unveiled today. You can watch the official trailer below:

Can’t wait to find out the soundtrack from MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 6: FALLOUT.

Composer Joe Krammer collaborated, ‘Escape to Danger’ with Lalo Schifel’s television Theme song.

Michael Giacchino’s composition in GHOST PROTOCOL took the theme song to another level.

Take a look around by Limp Bizkit, is one of the most famous songs from the MISSION IMPOSSIBLE Series.

U2 Bedmates were a fan of the show and knew the original theme music well and did their own version of the song in the film.