6 reasons why Aamir Khan's 70 percent profit share demand in TOH makes sense

6 reasons why Aamir Khan's 70 percent profit share demand in TOH makes sense news
img By Rachana Sheth | 03 Jun 2017 09:32:52.4400000 IST

When it is Aamir Khan at the helm of affairs, you know the outcome will always be positive. In fact it will surpass expectation. He is like one such bright student in the university of film industry who will always be a topper, ranker or rather we put he is one such winning horse where no one will ever lose his/her money. So if the star (the winning horse) has his own command and demands, then we believe it is absolutely valid.


Now that his latest film DANGAL has created new history by making 1000 crores and with each film Aamir is rising higher & higher,  so of course the star will want to go beyond it and can make/hike his demands.
Reports are doing the rounds that Aamir, who is gearing up for his next film THUGS OF HINDOSTAN, has asked for higher profit share for the film, which is way more than what his contemporaries Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar ask for. Aamir has for 70 percent profit share from Aditya Chopra for his film THUGS OF HINDOSTAN.

According to the reports of DNA, a trade analysts revealed, “Aamir will pocket almost 70 percent of the profits while Aditya Chopra will keep the remaining percentage (30 percent). Fact is, after DANGAL made Rs 1000 crore, now few people question Aamir on his deals. If TOH makes that amount of money, Adi will get almost Rs 300 crore which is much more than any of his own home productions.”

And we believe, perfectionist Aamir Khan’s demand is pretty valid and it does make sense for following 6 reasons:
1) He guarantees sure shot success for the project he is associated with. In fact he takes the complete onus and gives his best. So there is hardly any scope for failure.
2) He gets involved in the project from start-to-end. He gets involved in all aspects of filmmaking and makes sure everything functions with efficiency for best results.

3) All his films have created Box office history. Every film of his surpasses the records of his previous films, which means he keeps getting better and better with every project. 

4) He leaves no stones in promoting, publicizing the film. He knows to make right and adequate noise for the film without going over-the-top and at the same time making news for his promotional stints.

5) Where other stars are only interested in minting money without caring for audiences taste (or rather fool them around with their not-so worthy product) and where entire industry these days is just after grabbing eyeballs, he makes earnest efforts and gives meaningful cinema. Aamir understands his audience. He knows what he is delivering and how it will be taken. In fact he understands the true meaning of cinema.

6) He has the capacity to set new benchmarks and create new trends with his movies.