6 reasons why Sidharth is not playing a double role in A GENTLEMAN

6 reasons why Sidharth is not playing a double role in A GENTLEMAN news

With the trailer of Sidharth Malhotra and Jacqueline Fernandez starrer A GENTLEMAN out today we have got all excited about this Raj & DK directed film.

Earlier there were reports of this film being a sequel to Hrithik Roshan-Katrina Kaif starrer BANG BANG! However later the makers clarified that it is not a sequel but an altogether new film.

The film has two characters one which is extremely simple and boring named Gaurav while the other is risky and badass named Rishi. At the trailer launch the makers of the film and Sidharth clearly specified that A GENTLEMAN is not a typical double role film.

But when we pestered the directors whether Guarav and Rishi is the one and the same person living dual lives, the directors replied, “If we answer that question then it would be a huge spoiler so you will have to wait till the film releases.”

So what if the makers are not willing to give away the suspense of the film we will tell you why Rishi and Gaurav is one and the same person.

Not even once in the entire 2:54 minute long trailer we see Rishi and Guarav in a same frame.

There is no drastic difference in the appearance of Rishi and Guarav which makes it quite easy for one person to get into other person’s shoes effortlessly!

If Guarav is so simple and boring then how come he has a dead body in his house when guests visit him?

Its susheel Guarav that beats the baddie and not the risky Rishi. This makes it quite simple to say that Gaurav leads dual life.

Its Rishi taking out hidden guns from Guarav’s kitchen as if he knew it was there!

Films like JUDWAA 2 and MUBARAKAN have clearly stated that it’s a film with the lead playing double role; on other hand the makers of A GENTLEMAN are not revealing anything on this front stating that it would be a spoiler. Now this raises our doubt as to why they are not saying clearly that either it’s a double role film or the lead actor is living a dual life.
However these are just our guess work because there are chances that the makers are trying to miss lead the audience with its deceptive trailer and perhaps it’s an actual case of mistaken identity!

However we totally in love with the curiosity this trailer has generated. Aren’t you guys excited?