7 reasons why LAILA MAJNU is the much-awaited romance saga

Ever since it was announced that the prolific filmmaker Imtiaz Ali and the creative producer Ekta Kapor are joining hands for LAILA MAJNU, a love saga, our excitement knew no bounds with two of them coming together. Now after a month of hype and promotions, LAILA MAJNU is all set to hit the screens worldwide tomorrow i.e. September 7, 2018. The movie has already caught our attention for various reasons listed below and we are sure LAILA MAJNU will lure the hearts after it releases. So without much ado here we take a look at 7 such reasons why the movie stands to win over the audiences.   

A strong love story after a long time: When was the last time when we saw a truly, deeply and madly in love story, perhaps we don’t remember or can’t recall because these days we witness new-age love stories which has a peculiar treatment. We hardly see a ‘pyaar mein paagal’ kind of love stories these days, which was certainly popular when romance Badshah Shah Rukh Khan melted the hearts with his signature pose and passionate love. Thanks to Imtiaz Ali, Ekta Kapoor and the team that we are yet again revisiting a pure love story on celluloid after years.

Ekta Kapoor style: The ace producer of Bollywood Ekta Kapoor has a distinct style of presenting her films, TV shows and finite series. LAILA MAJNU also looks interesting with Ekta Kapoor backing it in her style.

Imtiaz Ali touch: We have all witnessed Imtiaz Ali’s take on love and how differently he treats his stories, protagonists. The same magic is evident from the newest love story LAILA MAJNU too. In one of the interviews, Imtiaz even compared the lead character ‘Majnu’ as Jordan from ROCKSTAR. So now we know LAILA MAJNU will certainly have the unique touch of Imtiaz.

Fresh new pair and its chemistry: The fresh new pair of Avinash Tiwary and Tripti Dimri and their magical chemistry has become talk of the town.

Kashmir in a romantic light: Believe it or not Kashmir is the third character/ protagonist in this love saga. Without the beauty of Kashmir, the essence of the film wouldn’t have come out. Of late we haven’t seen filmmakers using Kashmir as a romantic element. These days Kashmir is more about wars, bloodshed, guns, terrorism & destruction in the films. But Sajid Ali, the director, has tapped the beauty & romance of Kashmir, which was missing from Bollywood movies from a long time

The concept of true love: From day one Imtiaz Ali and Ekta Kapoor are cashing in on the idea of true love. The way the entire marketing plan of LAILA MAJNU has been designed, it easily struck a chord with the romantic hearts. The way Imtiaz Ali introduced to us that true love never goes out of fashion and its present in every era has caught the fancy of the fans.

The magical Romantic songs: For any Bollywood film to make its way into the hearts of the audiences, it needs a really powerful album and LAILA MAJNU has already scored in this department with some magical, mushy romantic tracks.