8 beautiful romantic songs that define True love like never before

8 beautiful romantic songs that define True love like never before news

While most of the things in this world are season-based, but romance is one such emotion which is not seasonal, which is timeless, ageless, which is not bound by any boundaries. And to pep up the mood we have Bollywood’s best of the best romantic songs.

Though there are umpteen romantic numbers with different tempo, genre, lyrics, style depicting different shades of love for various occasions, we take a look at the out-n-out romantic tracks which has the essence of true devoted love of a lover. There are copious such songs but choosing the few for your loved ones is a task. So we bring you the best 8 romantic songs this week that you can dedicate to your beloved. Take a look at the list and we are sure you will certainly fall in love & mesmerized with the idea of true love, these songs will indeed touch your souls:

Kailash Kher’s ‘Saiyyan’: Every single word of this song from Kailash Kher’s second album ‘Jhoomo Re’ is filled with profuse emotions of love. Simple, slow, melodious, breath-taking, however this song depicts the immense love of the partner.

‘Bepanah’ from KRISHNA COTTAGE: The lyrics of this song signify the longing of a partner and desperately waiting to merge with the lover. The song conveys how a lover is completely ready to surrender herself to her partner.

‘Ae Meri Zindagi’ from SAAYA: The words of this song showcases the idea of forever love. How a partner completely seeks motivation in his/her lover. It also portrays the emotions of fearless attitude, possessiveness and faith in the partner.

‘Tu Safar Mera’ from AE DIL HAI MUSHKIL: The intensity and passion of love can be gauged from the lines of this song. How a lover is completely id focused towards his/her love is what we understand from it.

‘Agar Tum Mil Jaao’ from ZEHER:This song conveys the thought of loyalty and dedication of a lover towards its partner as to how the lover is willing to give up all the other pleasures for his/her beloved.

‘Lag Jaa Gale’ from WOH KAUN THI: This is yet another ideal romantic song, where a partner is longing to hug and cuddle his/her beloved.

‘Tujhe Yaad Kar Liya Hai Aayaat’ from BAJIRAO MASTANI:When talking about out-n-out romantic songs, how can one forget this beautiful qawali number, which depicts intense ceaseless love of two lovers. Indeed a beautiful rendition!

‘Hotho Se Chun Lo Tum’ from PREM GEET: The late Jagjit Singh ghazal is an evergreen romantic soulful song, which keeps inspiring all the romantic souls. The sentimental lyrics certainly touch the heart chords, which present a lover’s idea of love, how it is ageless, limitless, timeless.