8 outstanding Bollywood movies on FOOTBALL

The fever of world cup 2018 is gripping and its spreading and swelling. After remembering the 12 best from the world on football, here is the 8 amazing movies on football from Bollywood/India that should be in the list of every sports/football and or Bollywood fan.

THE GOAL: Finally this national award winner produced by CFS (Children's Film Society) starring Irrfan Khan. Written by Bengali writer Prafulla Roy and directed by Gul Bahar Singh, THE GOAL is a touching and uplifting gem about a child Manu (Tapas Dhali) who has an undying passion for football but denied the permission to play in the team because of his humble family background. Anupam a football coach (Irrfan Khan) finds nurtures Manu and eventually the audience finds Manu playing for the rival team.

SAAHEB: Remake of 1981 Bengali movie by the same name. SAAHEB is not a traditional mainstream sports movie. Helmed by Anil Ganguly and starring Anil Kapoor, with the legendary ‘Dada Muni’ Ashok Kumar and Amrita Singh, the movie is an emotional roller coaster a tear jerker where a happy go lucky young Saaheb the youngest member of a family sacrifices his future in football to fund his sister's marriage by selling one of his kidney.

INSHALLAH FOOTBALL: The controversial human rights documentary by Ashvin Kumar focused on Basharat Baba, a talented teen soccer player who was invited to train with a Brazilian club but struggled to acquire the passport because his father was a Pakistan-trained militant. The movie provoked controversies in India but it ‘kicked’ well at the festival circuits

SIKANDAR: The plight of Kashmir told through the eyes of an innocent football player. Produced by Sudhir Mishra and directed by Piyush Jha, SIKANDAR had a pivotal message rolled in the story of a young footballer played by Parzan Dastur, the movie also starred R. Madhavan, Sanjay Suri, Ayesha Kapoor.

DHAN DHANA DHAN GOAL: Premiered at the Tous Les Cinemas du Monde (World Cinema) section of 2007 Cannes Film Festival, this crowd pleasing sports drama gave John Abraham the chance to showcase his love for football on screen as well.

SLEEPING GIANT: AN INDIAN FOOTBALL STORY: From the man behind I AM DURAN, Daniel Glynn’’s unusual docu feature on two children picked from the streets of Mumbai, India a place where football is not the ‘common’ passion like cricket. The boys get selected from around 1500 + hopefuls to be trained as professionals to play for a famous English Football club. The movie was hailed for its approach and raising a debate on sport – whether it is in the instinct or it can be infused and how important is the meeting of talent with opportunity.

BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM: Amongst the initial flag bearer of cross over cinema culture, this genuine charmer by Gurinder Chadha starring Parminder Nagra as 'Jess' was a jubilant celebration of the game and ode to womanhood that smartly maintained a sly undercurrent on prevailing social systems as well.

HIP HIP HURRAY: This sports drama was the debut of Prakash Jha with screenplay by Gulzar. Starring Raj Kiran and Deepti Naval as leads. The movie about a computer engineer played by Raj Kiran who takes up a temporary job of a sports instructor in a school in Ranchi, eventually leads the school’s football team to victory. The movie was made at a shoe string budget of around 12 lakhs and the climax was shot with a single camera.