8 rousing facts that has made Pancham Da immortal

“Sa re ga ma pa dha ni sa are the seven sur and pancham da is the eight one… or say the ‘one’ which merges all for a melody that echoes with an enchanting chorus. An inspiration to millions, the one who introduced an exotic blend of jazz with folk, western, Latin, oriental and Arab music. Pancham da is a true genius. On his 79th birthday today, we present these seven rousing facts that has made R D Burman an immortal genius - an unforgettable legend

(video used as illustration)
(video used as illustration)

His amazing team members of his unique orchestra
All are renowned names in their field, from the melody king Laxmikant-Pyarelal to the flute maestro Hari Prasad Chaurasia to the santoor genius Shiv Narayan Sharma to Louis Banks and Kersi Lord’s expertise in Piano with Bhanu Gupta’s trusted hand in mouth organ and the genius himself giving his magical touch to his favorite instrument.
Pancham Da has influenced millions and his melodies will continue to haunt.. Happy Birthday Pancham Da.. the genius.. it’s impossible to imagine Bollywood music without Pancham Da..

Gave break to renowned singers
Kumar Sanu was given his first break by Burman in YEH DESH (1984) as the voice of Kamal Haasan. Abhijeet was given his major break by Burman in Dev Anand’s ANAND AUR ANAD (1984). Hariharan got his major recognition in Bollywood with the song “Hai Mubarak Aaj ka Din’ composed by Burman da for BOXER (1984) starring Mithun Chakraborty. Mohammed Aziz (Munna Aziz) made his debut with SHIVA KA INSAAF (1985) under Burman.

Gave the first youth anthem DUM MARO DUM
Pancham da had this peculiar knack of infusing terrific youth exuberance. The seminal rock number DUM MARO DUM remains an immortal soul of vibrant energy since decades.

(video used as illustration

Amazing creation of sounds
Pamcham Da was a genius. He created sound from objects which nobody in their wildest dreams can even imagine, rubbing sandpaper, knocking bamboo sticks together, blew into beer bottles (\"Mehbooba, Mehbooba\" from SHOLAY). Used cups and saucers to create the tinkling sound (\"Churaliya Hai\" from the film YAADON KI BAARAT. For SATTE PE SATTA (1982), he made the singer Annette Pinto gargle to produce a background sound. He also rubbed a comb on a rough surface to produce a whooshing sound in the song \"Meri Samne Wali Khidki Main\" from the film PADOSAN (1968)

Created magic with harmonica
Burman Da often played harmonica in his father’s orchestra; he played the famous mouth organ for his father's evergreen hit number \"Hai Apna Dil To Aawara\", featured in the film SOLVA SAAL, and sung by Hemant Kumar

Composed the iconic ‘Sar jo tera chakraaye’ as a child
The iconic number from Guru Dutt’s classic PYAASA, was composed by Pancham da and was included in the movie’s soundtrack

Composed music at the age of 9
When he was just nine years old, R D Burman composed his first song, “Aye meri topi palat ke aa, which his father used in the 1956 sci fi action comedy FUNTOOSH starring Kishore Kumar.

The story behind the name ‘Pancham’
The only son to the influential and legendary Sachin Dev Burman, Rahul Dev Burma ( R D Burman) was initially nicknamed Tublu by his maternal grandmother, he later was called as ‘Pancham’ due to these stories.

When he cried as a child in the ‘fifth note’
As a child, whenever he cried, it sounded in the fifth note (Pa), G scale, of music notation. The word Pancham means five (or fifth) in Bengali, his mother tongue.

Crying in 5 different notes
Some say that as a child Burman da use to cry in 5 different notes

Veteran actor Ashok Kumar gave the name
Another popular story says that when the legendary ‘dada muni’ Ashok Kumar saw the toddler R D saying ‘pa’ with amazing clarity and with the right notes, he gave the nick name Pancham.