A close encounter with the ever green Dev Anand

Dev Anand


The evergreen Dev Sahab, aka Dev Anand is all style and charm, the one who made women jump from their balconies in urban India, is the epitome of never ending youth, never say die and an eternal unending romance with life.

Remembering one rare encounter with the legendary Dev Sahab in 2007 during the launch of his biography ROMANCING WITH LIFE in Mumbai where the author of this piece had the rare honour of meeting the legend at his Pali Hill office for some time and took those words from the legend that will be remembered for life.

It was a very brief encounter; this writer was taking baby steps in journalism and on request of just a hello and a handshake to his manager Mr. Martis on just wanting to see The GUIDE in flesh & blood that has made the world of my household, neighborhood, uncles, aunties even before I was born crazy.

Dressed in shirt, jacket, shoes, he welcomed me with my name ( I was stunned), he looked into my eyes as I shook my hands and saw the child like curiosity in his eyes and he asked where do I write. He got interested when I said I am on internet and I was awed by the enthusiasm of the evergreen legend to know what is happening in the world of internet and what’s going on in the minds of youth ( a flash of HARE RAMA KRISHNA was unavoidable and I came to know the reason Dev Anand made this movie on the bad influence of drugs on youth, the way the swinging sixties was captured in the movie is still a haunting experience).

Then came the moment, he asked what would I like to have, I said a coffee would be fine, he shot back and said, “ You will remember this coffee for your whole life”, in his trademark style!!. I was blown away by the level of spirit, enthusiasms, this 83 year old icon had that can put any 18 + or less to shame. He had that rare peculiar charm to please anyone in reel or real.

The personal touch to a new comer in media, from the legend who gave the maverick Guru Dutt his first break as a director in BAAZI (1951), the inspired bollywood version of GILDA introduced de noir in Indian cinema. Who can forget the immortal Tadbeer Se Bigdi Hui Taqdeer Bana Le sung by Geeta Dutt in this film. His impact on people was mesmerizing, a humble soul who cherished soup and popcorn without salt and butter was the god of matinee every one desired.

Like the number Tadbeer Se Bigdi Hui Taqdeer Bana Le, he believed in himself, never gave up, never stopped dreaming and always inspired us to dream, when I asked him about anything on the lines of HARE RAMA KRISHNA, considering his keen interest in youth, he said, “ don’t be surprised..”.

Obviously, the answer was clear, for Dev Sahab dream is a reality and anything can happen, don,t give up, and finally about that coffee.. well I remember it like people remember their first date. Dev Sahab gave me one of the best moments of my life outside the silver screen.

Long Live Dev Sahab, A happy loving 95 to you sir!!