A hit craved crew in RGV-Anil Kapoor film

It seems Bollywood is deprived of any original ideas. One murder or spooky thriller's hit is enough to line up a string of similar ones. Ram Gopal Verma, along with Anil Kapoor is busy wrapping up his film, tentatively titled, Murder at Shrikrishna Building. The film, which stars Suchitra Krishnamoorthy opposite Kapoor, is being directed by debutant G G Philip, and is expected to be completed by next month. For the film, Anil has not had a hit for a long time, RGV fared very badly with Main Madhuri..., Suchitra has been out of the arc lights for a long time and it is the director's first film. All these certainly make it very much desperate for the film to be a hit with the audience.