Petter Wallenberg all set to launch Pride Anthem

Petter Wallenberg

The international LGBTQ organization Rainbow Riots’ founder, Swedish musician and activist Petter Wallenberg has been in Mumbai for nearly two years, collaborating with India's queer pioneers. The result is the upcoming music album and advocacy project ‘Rainbow Riots India’ which is part of the movement behind one of the greatest victories for human rights of our time. In September 2018, the controversial British colonial law Section 377 that criminalized homosexuality was abolished. After over 157 years, all Indians are now free to love!
“This isn’t just music - it’s the sound of India’s rainbow revolution”, says Petter Wallenberg. He further adds, “I first arrived in India nearly two years ago, soon I was part of a revolution, right at the heart of the biggest victory for equality in our time.”

Petter Wallenberg is announcing the first single 'Love is Love’, out on April 2nd, featuring India’s first openly gay celebrity and drag queen, Sushant Divgikar. ”Love is Love” is India’s first Pride anthem, a mix of classic Western dance music with both English and Hindi lyrics. The music video also features India’s first transgender dance group Dancing Queens and was filmed at India’s first legally recognized Pride in Mumbai in February this year. 
“The single ‘Love is Love’ speaks about equal love about being true to one’s authentic self”, says Sushant Divgikar said. “This track is very close to my heart and spreads the message that love always wins. This is a great time for this to be introduced to the world and a new India that finally allows people to love freely and without fear.”