A R Murugadoss: Vipul Shah didn't interfere at all during HOLIDAY!

A R Murugadoss: Vipul Shah didn't interfere at all during HOLIDAY! news
S Abid By S Abid | 06 Jun 2014 11:39:21.6030000 IST

This Friday's hot release, the Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha starrer, HOLIDAY, has peaked just at the right time and trade is upbeat that the film will surely open to very good houses, keeping in view many factors that we have already talked about in our box-office report.


The A.R Murugadoss directed film has everything going for it. A great star cast, popular music, slick action, good comedy and lots of emotional family drama as is evident from the promos.

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While talking to the press, the GHAJINI fame director Murugadoss spoke in detail about HOLIDAY and its making. When queried as to whether filmmaker Vipul Shah (who himself is a super successful director), interfered in any way during the filming of HOLIDAY or if there were any creative difference between them, Murugadoss replied, ''No not at all! There were no differences, creative or whatsoever of any sort between us. In fact, Vipul helped me a lot as I could not understand Hindi. He also translated the lyrics of the songs of the film for my benefit. Since he himself is an experienced director, Vipul understood me and my problems very well. And once the script was finalized, Vipul did not interfere at all. Yes, he did help us with the promotions and was with us throughout.''

Certainly one is indeed looking forward to HOLIDAY during this summer holiday and hoping for a repeat of GHAJINI from Murugadoss, who gave Hindi cinema its first 100 crore plus netter!