A starry adieu to Sridevi: State honours, fans throng, a decorated truck, Industry stands by Kapoor family

Sridevi’s last rites are held in Mumbai at Vile Parle. For one last time Khushi and Janhvi Kapoor saw their mother. Our heart goes out for them.

With actors coming and paying respect to Sridevi, who is dressed in red saree looking peaceful and serene, it’s hard to believe she is no more.

Family members stood strong, beside Khushi, Janhvi and Boney. Arjun Kapoor like a doting son and brother was seen at every ritual that was associated with Sridevi.

In fact, even the state government decided to give State Honors to deceased actor.

Sridevi's mortal remains have been wrapped in the Tricolour and she will be cremated with state honours.

A fleet of policemen honored her while Janhvi, Boney could see Sridevi in this state.

While Khushi kept seeing her mother as she knew she will never be seeing her again. Her daughters and husband can be seen by her side.

According to reports, fans were breaking down as the beloved actor started her last journey. Sridevi was then taken by decorated truck and pool of diehard fans followed and ran behind the truck to see their favourite star.

Arjun Kapoor, Boney Kapoor, Jahnvi, Anil Kapoor and Mohit Marwah were seen heading towards cremation ground with Sridevi’s mortal remains.

Here are some footage from ANI of celebration hall where her mortal has been honoured.

May Sridevi’s soul rest in peace. May God be with the Kapoor family in testing time. The little daughters stood by her mother’s side through the ritual.

Boney Kapoor holds his wife\'s body along with other family members in the truck as they head for funeral
Boney Kapoor holds his wife\'s body along with other family members in the truck as they head for funeral
Janhvi weeps unconscionably while Boney kapoor holds Sridevi\'s casket as well calms her daugther

Fans run behind decorated truck of Sridevi’s mortal remains.

Sridevi’s daughter Janhvvi was seen inside the truck.

Arjun Kapoor along with his father Boney Kapoor brother Mohit Marwah and Anil Kapoor in truck as they take Sridevi for cremation.

Kapoor family hold the casket where Sridevi is lying at peace.

Mohit Marwah, Anil Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor, Boney Kapoor inside the truck as they head for cremation.

Boney Kapoor looks at Sridevi’s mortal wrapped in Indian flag with a bereaved look. May God give him strength to bear the loss.