Did Aamir Khan forgive THUGS OF HINDOSTHAN director?

Aamir Khan

Aamir khan is one of the most bankable khan’a bollywood has now, after much hue and cry about Aamir’s THUGS OF HINDOSTHAN the film tanked at the Box office miserably despite Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan made their first screen appearance.

Although TOH didn’t fare well, Aamir khan the 300 crore Khan shut the trollers and haters right after his film RUBARO ROSHNI a documentary on various facets of life showing shaking real stories of real life hero’s and how they lead their life, the film was aired by Aamir khan and his production house and aired on star plus, when the viewers saw it on Republic Day they were bowled over with the touching story line and forgave Aamir Khan for TOH.

Despite trolls and backslash for TOH during media Interactions on Sunday when media quizzed Aamir if he forgave the director of the film victor to which Aamir quipped, “I don’t need to forgive Victor. Every director that I’ve worked with, they are good and their intentions are good. We all aim to make a good film but sometimes it doesn’t happen. Filmmaking is difficult. I’m a team player. If my director has gone wrong, I’ve gone wrong with him. I don’t mind failing with my director on his or her instincts. I don’t have a problem. I believe in the director and if he has gone wrong, I have too. We will learn from our mistakes.”

Speaking further Aamir avers,“Audience came to watch the film on my name. So it was my responsibility. To that audience, I feel responsible. I’ve met a lot of people who told me they liked the film. But I don’t judge these things. I think the audience has full right to say exactly what they want and they can be harsh in their criticism.”