Mr. Perfectionism adds a personal touch to his look


Aamir Khan has time and again surprised one and all with his attention to details for his characters. As the Superstar slipped into the role of a thug for his next, Aamir Khan took inspiration from his childhood friend.

Taking inspiration from his school friend who relocated from Sindh, Aamir Khan decided to add a personal touch to his look for the upcoming film.

Aamir Khan's friend would sport a distinctive nose pin that fascinated the actor in his school days. When the actor was to play a thug and required to don a nose pin, he decided to take inspiration from his school friend.

The actor who yet again ensured he aces the character like no one else. Aamir Khan approached his school friend for the nose pin, however, he neither had the pin nor its picture. Therefore, Aamir Khan, solely relying on his memory designed his own nose pin for the film which is an exact replica of his friend's nose pin.

A source close to the actor shared, "Aamir Sir has an eye for minute details. Not only does he have a vision for his characters, but he also takes every bit of efforts to get the finer details right. It is a lesser known fact, but he observes his near and dear ones very closely and often draws inspiration from them for his onscreen characters. To play a Thug, he imprinted the design of the nose pin his school friend wore decades ago."

It is a known fact that Aamir Khan leaves no stone unturned to ace any character that he chooses. Known to change his looks like a chameleon for his diverse films, slipping into the character of a thug, the Superstar went a step ahead to perfect his look adding a connection straight from Sindh.

Earlier the actor borrowed Soorma from his mother to complete his Thug look. World's biggest Superstar, Aamir Khan creates a frenzy with every film as he starts a style statement with his every look.

Superstar Aamir Khan has got the masses excited with an avatar which is poles apart from his look in DANGAL. The actor who dons a very distinctive character in his upcoming film left no stone unturned to add intricate details to his look.