Aamir Khan: I am a very obsessive person

Aamir Khan is the perfectionist Khan. He makes sure that he gives in minute details on each and every project of his. He also works hard on his body and script for example DANGAL where we saw his drastic physical transformation.
In fact even for THUGS OF HINDOSTAN we saw him experimenting with himself and sporting a new look – pierced nose and studs. Known for his perfection, little did you know that he too had a hiccup in life.
Perfectionist Khan reveals that he has a major hichki in his life – being an obsessive personality!
In fact, Aamir is still dealing with his Hichki while he continues to create more memorable, path-breaking films. The makers of Rani Mukerji’s HICHKI are promoting the film uniquely by asking prominent personalities to share their untold weaknesses and how they eventually converted them into massive strengths.
The actor confessed, “My biggest Hichki is my obsessive personality. I get obsessed with anything that I do. I am still dealing with this Hichki and my struggle to overcome it continues.” He has applauded Yash Raj Films and Rani Mukerji for taking up the challenge of making a film around a person who deals with Tourette Syndrome.
He further adds, “Hopefully when I see the film, I will be able to address my Hichki, and improve myself.”
HICHKI will be seen in cinemas today!