Aamir Khan saved the life of Dangal technician

Aamir Khan turned out to be a hero for his Dangal sound engineer Shajith Koyeri in an recent event.

Shajith Koyeri who had worked with Aamir Khan in Dangal, had a massive stroke and was taken to the hospital. However, after laying on the hospital bed for hours, the sound technician had no doctor visit him.

With no other means to get treated, the technicians family got in touch with the Aamir Khan to ask for help. And within no time, Aamir Khan turned up at the hospital around mid-night.

The actor rushed him to Kokilaben Hospital and immediately got him medical assistance.

This noteworthy act has taken the internet by storm as Aamir Khan fans took to Twitter to show their love and respect for the actor.

Soon after the frenzy a strong India trend was witnessed as 'Aamir Khan' trended on Twitter.

Here are few of the tweets:-