Aamir Khan on SRK, 'Uska poora wardrobe itna bada hai jitna ki mera ghar'

Aamir Khan is coined as Mr Perfectionist he will be and his next film THUGS OF HINDOSTAN, Aamir gives time to each of his films and this time too he took 2 years to complete the film and now it’s set to release on 8 November.

Aamir’s whose films are often released in Christmas will now hit the screens in Diwali and Shah Rukh Khan’s film will release in Christmas. And seeing SRK talk about Salman and Aamir we see the industry has become less competitive the bonding between all three Khans is marvelous.

There is no sense of competition between them at atall,
Salman Khan couldn’t be part of ZERO therefore he told SRK to be part of the film while Aamir Khan couldn’t be part of SARE JAHA SE ACCHA which is Rakesh Sharma’s biopic and suggested SRK’s name.

During media interactions when asked Aamir what made him suggest Shah Rukh Khan’s name for the film to which he said, “ I couldn’t do the film for some reason and the reason I have shared with SRK and he agreed todo the film.”

Aamir said that he was so fascinated by the script of Rakesh Sharma biopic (tentatively titled Saare Jahaan Se Achcha) that he called up Shah Rukh and said: "Shah you should hear the script, it is fantastic. It will be right for you, if you like it". "It is a great script. I loved the script and the story of Mr Sharma is fascinating.”

Aamir Khan was previously cast as the lead of the biopic but he later backed out of the project later. It was reported that Aamir wanted to devote his time to his dream project MAHABHARAT therefore he preferred to back out.

On the eve of SRK’s birthday SRK said that he is not a star and doesn’t feel like one infact Aamir and Salman are stars.

When asked Aamir if he feels he is star to which Aamir said, “ I am not at all a star, infact SRK is Shah Rukh Khan is remarkable. He is always well dressed. All his accessories, shoes, belts and his clothes are in place. I have seen his wardrobe. Uska poora wardrobe itna bada hai jitna ki mera ghar. Ise bolte hain star, everything is so organized at his place, infact I wear an old tattered capri’s and t-shirt unless my team insists that I should wear something else. Shah is always dressed properly.”

When asked if he knows about Salman’s wardrobe to which he said, “I haven’t seen his wardorbe.”

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