Aamir Khan: My kids laugh at me!

Aamir Khan is a multi-talented actor; he makes sure his films have a meaning and context to it, although Aamir’s last film THUGS OF HINDOSTAN didn’t fare well at the box office, this didn’t let him down emotionally and mentally. Aamir wowed his fans and viewers by showing them a heart touching story of RUBARU ROSHINI, which gave out a strong message.

In conversation with Aamir Khan as he spoke about what went on to make them film, what makes him weep and why is he so emotional and how does his kids react to his emotional nature.
Excerpts from the interview

How did you come up with the title, RUBARU ROSHNI?

Actually the title is a movie’s poem from which we got the English title. ‘Where the light comes in’ and we were very happy with that thought. Then we started looking for it in Hindi and I instantly thought of Rubaru Roshni. It’s slightly different meaning but quite similar. It means when you come face to face with light.

Did you face any difficulties while making this film?

Aamir: Our editor, Unnati, worked with Adwait also. So her time used to get divided between him and Svati. She also had a third film. So Svati told me that maybe we should change the editor. There is no script, Svati told me that this is your idea and she wants to make a film on forgiveness. She wanted to take these stories which demonstrate this idea. So she told me 3 story which she had already followed in the paper. But you are not started your research and not met them. But she told me about Avantika, Rani Maria and Kia Schher’s story. So she told me the three stories. These stories were already happened these were real incidents. When I heard that I thought this is a very important concept and I felt that in life, as human beings, in anywhere in the world, we have forgotten the power of forgiveness. We have forgotten how healing forgiveness can be. Infact all the wise people that have been born before us and also all the religions have taught us about forgiveness. But we’re ignoring such a big power. I felt that very strongly and it’s very important for us to talk about it so that it comes back to the mainstream and to people’s consciousness. Because you can never go to the past and rectify something that has happened now is in my hand what I will react to it whether I will grieve about it or be angry about it. But I have to do something that won’t have my future. Past isn’t in our hands but future is. We can at least try and make a future better. Historically also if you look at the conflict that are happening in the world, they are not happening for one or two years they are happening for centuries. So many generations are facing problem because of it. All these thoughts for going on in my head so when she told me about this I was like, we have to make it. I didn’t know how we will show it at that time but I thought let’s make it first then we will see.

Do you think forgiving is healing?

Yes, it’s true and actually I’m noticing that Jainism has influenced me in a lot of ways. Because it has got some amazing thoughts like forgiveness, only use what you really need, if somebody has a totally opposing view to yours but still you must keep a window open and respect them and their views and the last is non-violence. I feel Jainism has got some wonderful philosophies. 

Didn’t you want to direct RUBARO ROSHINI?

 No, I didn’t. Because as Svati came to me with this so it’s something that she is dying to tell. And I like to support my directors who come with the thought that is very close to their heart. I can also feel what they are feeling, because it came from her and her heart I thought she will do it very well and she did. 

 Do you talk to your children about forgiveness and these values?

Actually I do. I do talk to them about lot of things. I remember when we used to do Satyamev Jayate and out season used to start on TV, me and my children and my mom, all of us used to sit and watch the episode together. Though I knew everything about it. It was our routine to watch it on Sunday on 11am. Even Satya and Svati joined us a lot of times.

Did you get emotional after watching RUBARU ROSHNI?

Yes of course. I don’t have anything against crying. Like when we’re happy, we laugh so when we feel like crying, we should cry. I cry a lot. I cry publicly also. Fatima, Sanya and I, we were in a plane and DANGAL’s trailer was going to release and I don’t remember who said but someone said trailer is coming out at 11, let’s see the trailer. So we watched the trailer on someone’s phone. And I cried after watching the trailer even though I have seen it before. Me and Sanya are the emotional ones so we both were crying. So I cry on the smallest thing. I get emotionally moved about many things. 

How do your children react when you cry?

Aamir: They laugh at me.


aamir khan's trailer of rubaru roshni

aamir khan's trailer of rubaru roshni