Aamir Khan's show inspires Priyanka Chopra's production

Priyanka Chopra’s next Marathi production PAANI, directed by actor- filmmaker Adinath Kothare that went on floors on May 10 has a very interesting story behind its making.

Paani is based on the real life story of Hanumant Kendre from Nagdarwadi village in the Nanded district and Adinath got to know of him while watching Hanumant on Aamir Khan’s show, Satyamave Jayate.

“I was really moved once I heard about his struggle, during his interview. His water harvesting initiative and relentless effort to save his village was awe inspiring and I just knew that i had to share his story with the world. I was sure that if a global issue such as this would be portrayed in an art form, people won’t just understand it but would also connect with it strongly”. says Adinath

Kothare then left no stone unturned in trying to get intouch with Hanumant Kendre who was not easily traceable. After a lot of running about Adinath contacted the Police Station in Nanded.

He asserts “ I then got the number of the police station in charge of the village and finally connected with Hanumant. I called him for an interview and that’s how the journey began four years ago.”

“Hanumant has his own mineral water plant and even supplies to some of the near by villages. I have seen people walking miles each day for water but now they will have water supply all year round.”

Writer, Nitin Dixit who is also Kothare’s friend was entrusted with the script. Once the script was ready, Rashmi Kulkarni, Creative Producer at Purple Pebble Pictures got Priyanka Chopra and her Mother Madhu Chopra to hear it out.

“They have been immensely supportive. They believed in the story and the vision of a first time director. It is commendable that despite her hectic schedules Priyanka makes the time to give her feedback.” shares Adinath Kothare who will also be acting in the film alongside Subodh Bhave, Rajit Kapoor, Kishore Kadam, Girish Joshi and Rucha Vaidya.