Aarti Chhabaria: Girls go to any extent to survive in Bollywood

img By Joginder Tuteja | 20 May 2009 12:38:25.4530000 IST

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download AARTI CHABARIA wallpapers

In a fiery conversation, Aarti Chhabria keeps aside a diplomatic stand and blasts some of her Bollywood contemporaries. Though she refrains from taking any names, she does hint upon the dirty game of politics being played in the industry.

''There are so many different dirty games being played in the film industry that you don't even want to hear about them. Girls could go to any extent to survive in the industry but frankly, I can't jump into such 'keechar''', says Aarti who is adopting a wait and watch stance when it comes to signing Bollywood films.

But her contemporaries have moved ahead?

''Quite a few of them are talented but as they say, luck has a major role to play in defining one's career path as well. Also, there are times when you are about to be signed on for a particular film but then politics comes into picture. The entire camp thing also proves to be a spanner at times. I can't dream of camps because we are not looking at a BJP or a Congress battle here. On the positive side, because of this aspect of mine, I don't come with an excess baggage'', Aarti says.

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Is she indeed happy with the way her career has been shaping up? She did have two huge successes in SHOOTOUT AT LOKHANDWALA and AWARA PAAGAL DEEWANA but there isn't much to write home about films other than these.

''See, there have been ups and downs but I am content with the fact that whatever I have earned, I have done it all on my own. It has not been an easy ride right from the time of auditions to bagging a role. I have to deal with all of this single-handed because I hate the entire group thing. You would have never heard of me in groups or parties because I have never liked that kind of life. I don't think that can land you roles either. I have been very straight and honest from the beginning of my career and that's the way I always intend to be'', Aarti starts opening up here.