Aayush Sharma traveled in Gujarat to get the local lingo right

Aayush Sharma

The minute you see the teaser of LOVERATRI, it's clear the film is an all out entertainer with lots of song and dance. The beautiful Garba and dandiya in the teaser is a giveaway that Aayush and his co-star Warina play Gujaratis in the film. Aayush, being the hard worker that he is wanted to give it his best - be it the dances or getting the nuances of Gujarati even if the film is in Hindi. Aayush travelled to several places in Gujarat to hear how the locals speak rather than make his character caricaturish.

Says Aayush, “My director Abhiraj was very certain about understanding how the people in the Gujarati community are. He did not want to make the character a caricature. A lot of times we make characters from different regions very loud with exaggerated accents in a bid to be authentic. I didn't want to sound over the top, so we decided that I should go to Gujarat.”

During the recce for the film’s shoot, Aayush travelled to Ahmedabad and Baroda where he visited most of the local places and interacted with the local people to understand the culture and the lifestyle of the youth there. He and the makers of the film had various thoughts about the accent in which a Gujarati person would usually speak in.

Aayush adds, “When I travelled to Gujarat, I realised that there is no pronounced local accent. They talk exactly the way anybody in Mumbai would speak Hindi. What they do have is local slang words, lingo and key words that a Gujarati person would use in conversation. That's typical of every city and that's what I picked up. The character needs to sound authentic at the end of the day.”

Debutant Aayush Sharma has been paired with Warina Hussain in a love story that develops over the festivities of Navratri.