Abbas-Mustan shrug off Abhi's 'rough patch'

Joginder Tuteja By Joginder Tuteja | 16 Dec 2011 14:36:58.6100000 IST

Try using the phrase 'rough patch' in front of director duo of Abbas-Mustan but then don't expect them to take it all lying down. Of late they have been inundated with queries around how they expect their rather expensive PLAYERS to do, considering the fact their lead actor Abhishek Bachchan is going through a 'rough patch'. Though they are maintaining a polite and humble demeanour so far, it could well be about time before they lose their patience.


'How can Abbas-Mustan be questioned about the market value that their stars are carrying,' questions an industry expert, 'When have they been dependent upon stars? Akshay Kumar was a newcomer when he did KHILADI with them. Shahrukh Khan was nobody when they gave him BAAZIGAR. Bobby Deol had given a couple of flops before SOLDIER happened to him. Even Saif Ali Khan became a superstar after he enjoyed his biggest money spinner ever in the form of RACE. They have a style of their own and a loyal fan following. Stars add value to their films but they don't drive it.'

As for Abhishek Bachchan in particular, many are willing to support Abbas-Mustan for their decision to rope him in.

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'When PLAYERS went on floors, Abhishek was going through a great high in his career. He was working with the biggest of filmmakers like Mani Ratnam (RAAVAN), Ashutosh Gowariker (KHELEIN HUM JEE JAAN SE) and Farhan Akhtar  (GAME). He wasn't doing any small films with any unknown or lesser known banner. Obviously the 'men in white' felt that they were placing their bet right,' says a close associate.

Ask Abbas Burmawala about this and he continues to maintain calm as ever approach. 'See, it happens that sometimes films featuring a particular actor don't work out commercially,' he says, 'When Abhishek was doing the films that you mention, they all seemed promising and it is unfortunate that they didn't do well. Such phase happens to everyone and Abhishek is no exception. We are confident of the final product we have made, so no worries.'

We hope so too!