Abhay Deol: Directing films is intimidating

Ruhail Amin By Ruhail Amin | 23 Jun 2011 18:19:50.0330000 IST

After being part of some acclaimed films as an actor, Abhay Deol has been in two minds about taking his passion for films to another level - directing films

In the past, though Abhay contributed his creative inputs in the form of writing, remember the DEV D concept which was developed by Abhay, the actor has been thinking of applying his storytelling talent in a more involved way by directing and producing films.


What stops Abhay from direction is his fear of the all-consuming nature of this profession. Talking about it, Abhay says, "Directing films is intimidating for me since I find the whole process all consuming; especially, the post-production part. I don't think I have the patience of going through the same footage so many times. At the moment, I am focusing all my energies on acting but the idea of directing films still lingers in my head."

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Speaking about his upcoming film ZINDAGI NA MILEGI DOBARA (ZNMD), Abhay feels that the film is a perfect blend of a mainstream masala movie and a hardcore content rich film. He says, "I feel ZNMD respects the fact that you cannot sell anything and everything to the audiences in the name of masala movies. ZNMD is not only a mainstream in its look and feel, but is high on the content side which makes it even more promising."

At the moment Abhay is busy with the shoot of his forthcoming film SHANGHAI with Dibakar Banerjee.