Abhay Deol: I am more like someone who’d beat up ten guys, not with his muscles, but his strategy

Abhay Deol is a power house of an actor. He has always carved a niche for himself with the choice of roles. His best performances so far are SOCHA NA THA, DEV D, MANORAMA SIX FEET UNDER, ROAD THE MOVIE and SHANGHAI. He will now be seen in NANU KI JAANU which is a horror comedy. Abhay has been selective of his films and went on to do roles which are relatable to many, although he has been doing some good amount of work on celluloid he is missed by his fans.

In conversation with Abhay as he speaks about his flick NANU KI JAANU, why he is selective of roles and what makes him content.

Excerpts from the interview

After a long time you are coming back with NANU KI JAANU? What attracted you to this film?
Yes this is a pretty mainstream film. It is a horror-comedy and so there is a certain quirk to it, which you don’t really see in a regular mainstream movie. I always try to do middle-of-the-road cinema. NANU KI JAANU I liked, as it has a sense of quirkiness. I have done the non-mainstream movies too like MANORAMA SIX FEET UNDER, ROAD THE MOVIE and SHANGHAI. But largely my effort has always been to do middle-of-the-road films. I am personally attracted to characters that I can relate to. I think that’s my approach to my work and maybe that’s what is translating to the audience. I always pick characters where it’s not his muscles or dance skills that help him, because not all of us can look like that. I am more like someone who’d beat up ten guys, not with his muscles, but his strategy. A lot of us want to be heroes in our own lives and do things that are in our power as ordinary people. That is what I like to showcase on screen too. I like roles whereon one can relate.

How have you grown as an actor from your first film SOCHA NA THA?
I really love SOCHA NA THA. I loved being a part of the film. I think it is one of the best stories I have read. As a narrative it comes together really well. How have I changed? I think I have grown. I’d like to believe that I am more patient and compassionate. I am more settled in where I am and who I am. I am more secure now. I am not out there to prove anything to anyone.

What makes you so selective, don’t you have the pressure of competition?
No, now I am pretty content. I choose roles which have part of me, I can relate too and it was my decision to take this path and follow what I want to do. I am not into rat race, Initially when I took the stand I knew what I was doing, it wasn’t tough as I knew what I was doing. I am much more content now.

Social media is an effective tool you don’t seem to be using it often any reason?
I am not into it much, but yes, for movies I will be doing so more often. and now you will be seeing me in more movies as well.

Do box office number matter to you?
Yes they do, box office will surely give you more work, I don’t tap much butI want all the films to do well.

 Are you in the sequel of HAPPY BHAAG JAYEGI?
I don’t know, nothing has been confirmed you should ask, the makers.