Abhay Deol's 'pakaoed' marketing for ONE BY TWO

Abhay Deol's 'pakaoed' marketing for ONE BY TWO news
Glamsham Editorial By Glamsham Editorial | 17 Dec 2013 15:08:30.5330000 IST

Besides turning a producer Abhay Deol is also supervising the marketing of his upcoming film ONE BY TWO.

Much like his films as an actor, he has chosen to produce a film that reflects his sensibility. The actor has been overlooking into varied aspects of the film. Taking a cue from the film, in terms of marketing, ONE BY TWO will have a special outdoor marketing campaign.

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Since Abhay plays the protagonist and his character name is Amit Sharma in the film, he along with Viacom 18 suggested an idea, where there'll be hoardings across cities reading 'Are you Amit Sharma? With options similar to his traits in the film... 'Have you been dumped by your girlfriend? Are you pakaoed with routine? Are you stuck in a job?' As his character is a person who feels that he is 'pakaoed' in life. When Abhay conducted a research he realised that most people feel the same like his character from the movie.

These hoardings will be plastered across the city and are already creating a lot of intrigue & hype. The idea is to generate curiosity among audiences and at the same time increase relatability with the protagonist. However, the plan is currently underway and creative - logistics are being worked upon.

A spokesperson attached to ONE BY TWO confirms the news and adds we are getting a lot of response on the campaign. Everyone is very curious about the trailer.

The film stars Preeti Desai alongside Abhay Deol. The movie is directed by debut director Devika Bhagat. It is set to release on 7th February 2014.