Abhishek breaks silence on a troll in his own way

TWF IBNS By TWF IBNS | 27 Sep 2018 12:52:49 IST

Actor Abhishek Bachchan, who returned to films after a gap of two years, took on a Twitter troll in a much dignified manner after he was blamed for the "failure" of Anurag Kashyap directed MANMARZIYAAN.

MANMARZIYAAN stars actors Abhishek Bachchan, Vickey Kaushal and Taapsee Pannu in lead roles.

Holding Abhishek responsible for the film's failure, a Twitter user named Dr. Harsh Kale posted: "#Manmarziyaan tanked at box-office, once again proving @juniorbachchan to be legend with amazing ability to make good film a flop! Kudos to his abilities, not many have it! It time to end #nepotism and for #StarKids to start #Vadapav stall..lol! #Stree proves #TalentCounts!!” He also added, “It time to end #nepotism and for #StarKids to start #Vadapav stall..lol! #Stree proves #TalentCounts!!”

To this, Abhishek replied, "With all due respect kind sir, I would expect an esteemed doctor such as yourself to study all the facts and figures before proclaiming anything. I certainly hope you do so with your patients. Learn the economics of the film before you tweet something that will embarrass you.”

Kale also backfired with another tweet where he wrote, \"Ha ha! You wish Mr. Bachchan Jr! But I don’t see any reason to be embarrassed! In fact actors who give consecutive 16 (+1 now) flops in a row should be! I noted my observations vigorously as “nepotism rocks” in your industry. You may be a good human being, but a terrible actor!”On being asked to open a vadapav stall, Abhishek replied, \"And for your kind information ( and I'm sure all vada pav stall owners will agree) there is great dignity in owning and running a vada pav stall. It's called dignity of labour. Try not to be so patronising about another professional. We are all doing our best.\"